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Oxana Bayer Visiting Fullbright CIQR Talk - Shared screen with speaker view - Recording 1/2
Jonathan Rowe
Yes, we heard!
Jonathan Rowe
Do you know what the official Soviet attitude toward gender equality was? Was this in line with your findings or distinct? Do you feel the Soviet position influenced this in Ukraine?
Jonathan Rowe
Based on your findings and other experiences, do you feel Ukrainians take up social media differently than they may take up more "official" media?
Eva-Maria Simms
many of your findings speak to the destruction of communal structures through produced distrust. How is the sense of community now?
Jonathan Rowe
Just wanted to say attending this talk has been a privilege, Oxana -- thank you!
Eva-Maria Simms
could you understand these dynamics of fear and repression as part of being colonized
Aurora Pinto
Thank you very much for your talk. I wonder if you could explain a little about the role of religion in Putin’s view or justification for the invasion?
Eva-Maria Simms
do you think your outcomes wold be different after this war?